European Roulette – History and Tips

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There are four major types of roulette, European, French, American, and Roulette Royale. All four games share the same basic requirements to play. Which are; a numbered spinning wheel, a table, and a little (usually ivory or plastic) ball. The major difference between the four games; is that the American wheel shows zero and double zero, giving the house an additional edge, against the player. The other three boast only one zero, therefore increasing the odds slightly in favour of the player. The subject of this article however, is on the European game.

European Roulette
The origins of roulette are to say the least, obscure, whether it started with a roman soldier spinning the wheel of a upturned chariot, spinning his shield on a spear, or as is most likely, it is guessed to be, the brain child of Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician, well known for his work in the field of probability. The first modern day roulette wheel was introduced to Paris in 1796. Hence the name “roulette” translates to, “little wheel. The wheel has thirty seven pockets, numbered from zero to thirty six, and is coloured alternately, black and red; the winning bet is the number on which the little white ball lands, although there are many variations as to what constitutes a winning bet. The game became very popular, and soon became a favourite in all the European casinos. When the game eventually migrated to America, sometime in the 19th century, they added a pocket to the wheel in order to create a double zero, and increase the edge in odds, in favour of the house. Conclusion: when you feel the urge to play a little roulette on line, choose a European gaming table.

Tips and strategies;
For centuries, gamblers, adventurers, mathematicians, scientists, and the like, have striven to develop winning formulas for all the casino games. Had they been successful, by the twenty first century, casinos would have been long out of business, and closed down. The proof of that pudding is to be found in the fact that every time you turn on your computer you will find yet another site touting for your business. This is not to say that players cannot win in the short term, of course they can. But in the long term, the odds dictate that the house wins. The History of European roulette throws up some spectacular winners, none more so than Joseph Jaggers, an Englishman from Yorkshire, a cotton mill engineer by profession. For six consecutive nights back in 1873, he hired six men to study the six European roulette tables in a famous Monte Carlo Casino. He discovered that one of the tables had a bias towards a few certain numbers of the wheel. He played the table for one whole week, until the House tumbled to his strategy and had the wheel re-set. Once he discovered he had been rumbled, Jaggers left Monte Carlo never to return, but he took with him, upwards of £400000 an unbelievable amount of money, for those days. Upon his death in 1897, old time music hall, produced the famous old song “The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo” in recognition of his triumph. It is difficult to see how that strategy could work in a modern day online casino. Having said all of that, it is always possible to win; short term, if you follow a few simple rules. European roulette, like all casino games is a game of chance, to be played for your enjoyment. Before you start to play, it is important to check out the credibility of your chosen casino, terms and conditions, and house rules. When you make your initial deposit, (your stake) treat it as an amount that you are prepared to lose, set yourself an amount you would like to win, don’t be greedy, set achievable targets, and quit when you get ahead. A system that is almost as old as the game itself, the Martingale, or doubling up system, can be employed where the player plays only on the even bets. i.e Black and red, or odds and even numbers. The theory is to bet on red or black, if it wins switch to the other colour, if it loses stay on the losing colour, but double up on your stake, carry on in this mode until your colour wins. The downside of this occurs when the wheel makes a successive run on the same colour, disallowing you from doubling up, either because your stake has run out, or you bet exceeds the house limit. This is a game of chance, a game to be enjoyed, and a game where lady luck is your best ally.

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